Investment Criteria

What We Invest In

Private Equity / Venture Capital

Private Equity / Venture Capital:

We invest £100,000 to £1.5m per transaction on behalf of our clients in revenue generating business (minimum revenues of £150k per annum) within the following sectors;

  • Real Estate
  • Property Technology
  • Healthcare
  • Healthcare Technology
  • Consumer Brands (Plant based Only)
  • Education
  • Education Technology

Real Estate Investments

Real Estate Investments:

We provide first charge debt or equity investments for;

  • Bridging Loans
  • Development Joint Ventures Partners
  • Acquisition of Commercial Properties

Values of our Portfolio Companies

Adversity Driven

MVK believes that entrepreneurs that have overcome adversity embody the perseverance needed to build successful businesses.

Resilience Driven

We need to understand our portfolio companies as people ahead of Entrepreneurs to understand what makes them tick and their aspirations.

Purpose Led

As part of our investment, our clients will be asked to allocate a share of their exit proceeds to a charity of their choice. Portfolio companies are expected to follow suit by donating part of their profits to a charity that resonates with the founders and the company’s values.


MVK is not a venture capital firm, but a hybrid Family Office Funds which believe in superior performance through balanced investment strategies. All of our companies raise equity monies out of choice, not necessity.