A Family Office with a Difference

MVK Group is a multi family office dedicated to strengthening inter-generational ties while ensuring market beating investment returns.

We are Unique

MVK Group is unique in that our clients are the next generation, not just the wealth creators. Our Mission on their behalf is to be their trusted partner and in doing so create their own branded investment vehicle in which allows them to:

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Internal Rate of Return (IRR) 22%
Private Equity Companies Invested in Directly
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Valuation uplift of our Private Equity portfolio 2.7x within 3 years

How We Work


A structured 12 week Education programme that offers the next generation an opportunity to evolve as an investor, entrepreneur and individual.
At MVK Group, our online live learning sessions teach the fundamentals of UK...

  • Real Estate Including Bridging Loans, Developments and Buy and Hold Strategies.
  • Venture Capital / Private Equity as an asset class.
  • Financial Modelling and its role in Investments
  • Analyse investments and discuss negatives and positives of each one across Tech, Retail, Healthcare and Education sectors.
  • How to Present to Decision Makers on New Investments e.g. Parents / Boards.
During this time the next generation can also lead operational projects across our Private Equity vehicle.



Create an investment vehicle.

Whilst being part of the Lead Accelerator, MVK Group works with the next generation to physically invest and implement on their learnings through real world investments.

This is alongside MVK Group building their own branded investment portfolio, with a focus on Private Equity and Real Estate.

We take a 5 to 10 year view and create an investment vehicle which will provide a targeted return of between 18% to 25% IRR.


Tailored to You

At MVK Group, our wealth of Corporate and Entrepreneurial experience allows us to work closely with our clients and their families to create an investment vehicle tailored to their preferences and values.

£ 0 m
Invested and advised over £26m of investment within 3 years
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32% of our investments are toward minority groups​
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40% of our investments are towards to female founders​