Our Mission

We recognize that the wealth creators and the next generation often have different paths and expectations of one another. Therefore, we become the trusted partner of the next generation and execute on their vision and mission, whilst teaching them the fundamentals of Operations and Investing in which will prepare them to take over the family business, if they choose to do so, or diversify into different areas.

Through progressive investment approaches, our mission is to bridge the inter-generational gap and help families transition as a collective.

What We
Believe In

We help our portfolio companies meet and exceed their potential by introducing them to business opportunities and supporting the company in international expansions. In doing so, we leverage our vast global network and draw on the expertise of leading advisors.

In collaboration with our team of advisors and various sector specialists, MVK hosts quarterly networking sessions with our portfolio companies. The session format is a mixture between lectures, talks and open discussion forums, where entrepreneurs are encouraged to share lessons and  learnings from their entrepreneurial journeys. 

MVK is not merely an investor, but a partner. Thus, we are in ongoing dialogue with our entrepreneurs and strive to add value by undertaking various aspects of their strategic planning and even day to day operations.

We co-invest alongside some of the world’s leading Venture Capital and Private Firms across the world. Provided that KPIs are met and growth opportunities prevail, we introduce our portfolio companies to potential investors for future fundraising rounds.

Mental Health

We invest in the people behind the business first and foremost. As follows, we go out of our way to ensure that the founders have the tools and means needed to manage not only their business, but also their overall wellbeing. Taking a holistic approach to physical and mental health, we offer a wide range of support measures from  coaching and mentorship to guided meditation and yoga classes.

Charity Partners

We provide a proportion of our Real Estate returns to our chosen charity End Youth Homelessness.